Laser Printing

Laser printing is a printing technique that utilizes laser ink, which contains metal optical variable color anti-counterfeiting ink. It has following features:


  • Dynamic color-changing effect
  • Rainbow ring effect
  • Moisture resistance
  • Flexible and versatile laser patterns
  • Dazzling visual appeal
  • Anti-counterfeiting with metal optical variable color ink

This advanced printing technology allows for the laser ink to be screen printed or roller printed onto various smooth materials. The printed product can display different colors depending on the viewing angle, creating a dynamic color-changing effect. When viewed under a spotlight, a rainbow ring effect can be produced, effectively enhancing the packaging grade.


This technique can print full-page or partially transparent laser effects on smooth paper, breaking away from the traditional method of only using laser paper printing or composite proprietary laser film on paper surfaces to achieve laser effects. This allows for flexible and versatile laser patterns. Laser printing involves using laser ink, screen printing or roller printing onto various smooth and transparent materials, or using laser film to create laser effects through hot stamping and other methods. This laser effect can give printed products an ultimate sense of fantasy. Different viewing angles can present different colors and patterns, making this dazzling effect captivating to customers.


Laser printing not only has a dazzling dynamic color-changing effect, but also has excellent moisture resistance. It can be seen in various high-end fashion brands, cosmetics, and tobacco and alcohol packaging. With its stunning visual appeal and unique properties, laser printing is a popular choice for businesses looking to elevate their packaging design and stand out in the market.