Hot Stamping

Hot stamping technology is a process that utilizes the principle of heat transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in the electrochemical aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate to form a special metallic effect.


  • Creates unique metallic effects
  • Uses electrochemical aluminum foil
  • Many types of hot stamping foil materials available
  • Enhances anti-counterfeiting ability of products
  • New creative process in tobacco packaging

As the main material used in hot stamping is electrochemical aluminum foil, it is also called electrochemical aluminum stamping. There are many types of hot stamping foil materials, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green, and many others.


The application of hot stamping is extensive. Ordinary gold and laser gold stamping can be used for most products, including gold cards, silver cards, laser cards, and metallic paper cards. Holographic hot stamping is a special process application of electrochemical aluminum in design, which has corresponding anti-counterfeiting patterns that can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of products while also increasing their grade. The control of hot stamping temperature, pressure, and speed, and even the type of hot stamping machine used, all have a significant impact on holographic hot stamping.


Electrochemical aluminum has special applications in the process. Hot stamping before printing is a new creative process in the tobacco packaging design and printing industry. The application of this process places high demands on electrochemical aluminum. In addition to accurate positioning of the hot stamping location, the surface must be smooth and bright, with balanced and uniform pressure, no bubbles or plate sticking, and no visible pressure marks on the edges of the hot stamping pattern. The hot-stamped electrochemical aluminum must have good adhesion to the surface and no obvious scratches or abrasions. As we all know, the hot stamping process is actually a process of heating and pressing paper. For white paperboard and metallic paperboard, special attention should be paid to protecting semi-finished products during production to minimize various unfavorable factors that cause paper deformation. This can greatly help to achieve smooth post-hot-stamping processes and improve product qualification rates.


Hot stamping technology is an important process in the printing industry that can create unique metallic effects on various products. With different types of hot stamping paper materials available, it has extensive applications in many fields. Hot stamping requires careful control of temperature, pressure, and speed to achieve high-quality results. Electrochemical aluminum has special applications in the process, such as hot stamping before printing.