Flocking is a process of vertically attaching short fibers (generally 0.03-0.5 cm in length) to a substrate coated with adhesive. It’s also called soft touch.


  • Provides a soft and luxurious texture that is pleasant to the touch
  • Is available in a wide range of colors, making it suitable for a variety of applications
  • Can be applied to virtually many types of substrate, regardless of its shape or size
  • Enhances the quality and value of products, making them more visually appealing and desirable


Flocking can be applied to the surface of virtually any type of substrate, regardless of its shape or size. Common substrates include paper, fabric, non-woven fabric, synthetic leather, plastic, glass, metal, rubber, wood, foam, artificial board, vacuum-formed sheet, foam, ceramics, and resin.


The applications of flocking are vast and varied, with many industries utilizing this process to enhance the appearance and quality of their products. In the arts and crafts industry, flocking is used to create a wide range of toys, crafts, picture frames, gifts, artificial flowers, and plastic lanterns. The packaging industry also benefits from flocking, with high-end jewelry boxes, health product packaging boxes, wine boxes, eyeglass cases, wedding invitation cards, high-end certificate covers, wine bottles, bags, stickers, and paper (board) all being suitable for flocking.


Other industries that utilize flocking include motorcycle helmets, coat hangers, fire doors, safes, lighting fixtures, cabinets, sanitary ware, furniture, foam, EVA materials, and hangers made from various materials.


Flocking is a versatile process that can be applied to a wide range of substrates to enhance their appearance and quality. With its ability to create a three-dimensional effect that is colorful, soft touch, luxurious, and elegant while being moisture-resistant and durable makes it an ideal choice for many industries. From arts and crafts to packaging to automotive and beyond, flocking is a valuable tool for designers looking to add an extra touch of quality and sophistication to their products.